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Brooke has had formal classical training in Piano, Harpsichord, and Composition. She completed a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and a Master of Music in Advanced Musical Studies majoring in Historical Musicology at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Brooke's experience in choral singing has translated into the bulk of her composition portfolio being choral music for the liturgy.

Although classically trained, Brooke has always loved popular music, particularly Scandinavian metal music.  She formed the band, Resonaxis, as way of combining metal and renaissance music with the organ improvisations of renowned Australian organist, David Drury. Resonaxis was perhaps the only band in the world with a classical organist.

Brooke’s music has led her to be interviewed on a number of ABC Radio National programmes (Andrew Olle, The Rhythm Divine, In the Spirit of Things), and reviews of her music have appeared in European progressive music magazines and ezines.

Brooke has sung with a number of vocal ensembles in Australia and the UK.  She has provided vocals for Nick Littlemore on projects such as Elton John vs Pnau, and White Shadows. Brooke also collaborated with Nick on his Two Leaves Project (Evening of the Sky). 



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The Franco-Flemish composer, Josquin des Prez is one of the greatest renaissance composers we have available to us today. Friday, 27 August 2021 marks 500 years since this prolific composer died and Brooke wanted to mark this date by composing a tribute. Having long been a fan of Josquin's music, it was somewhat difficult to settle on one work on which to base the song (needless to say, Brooke steered clear of  the 'classics' such as Ave maria and Missa Pange Lingua). Gaude virgo mater Christi plays a cameo in this song of lament about the current COVID-19 situation. Listen on YouTube. Download on Apple Music or Amazon Music

Song for Ruth

Wednesday 27 May 2020 marked the one year anniversary of the death of Sydney mountaineer, sailor, Executive Confidante, Coach and Facilitator, Ruth McCance. A song in memory of Ruth, Song for Ruth, written and performed by Sydney composer, Brooke Shelley is being used to raise funds and awareness for St Laurence House, a charity which has provided accommodation, support and care to homeless children and young people for the past 40 years. Ruth was Chairperson of St Laurence House (2010-2016) and committee member (2007-2016).

Sydney composer, Brooke Shelley, wrote Song for Ruth in response to the news that Ruth McCance was missing on a trek in the Himalayas in May 2019.

St Laurence House (SLH) is one of only very few organisations that provides medium to long-term accommodation for disadvantaged, homeless and at-risk youth. It provides a home for up to ten 13-18-year-olds at any one time, and helps to get them back on track and reach their full potential. SLH is recognised as setting the bench mark in Trauma-informed Care for young people. It has been operating for more than 40 years and has helped thousands of kids re-establish their lives over that period.
So much of the recent success of SLH has been due to Ruth's active involvement.

Listen to Song for Ruth here.  Available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon Music.

Choral Music

Brooke’s classical compositions are primarily for choirs, due to her experience of singing in a church choir and other vocal ensembles for many years.  Her works have been performed by Australian and US choirs (including The Adelaide Chamber Singers; The Choir of St James’, King Street, Sydney; The Choir of Trinity College, University of Melbourne; The Choirs of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane; Ensemble Gombert; The District Eight (Washington DC). Her works are published by Crescendo Music Publications.

The following works are available on CD:

Emendemus in melius (A Voice from Heaven - Queen's Phoenix) - listen on YouTube

Ave maris stella (In memoriam – Sydney Antiphony)

Messe sans regretz (Metamorphosis – The Choir of St James’)


Resonaxis is the only known rock band with a choral singer and an organist. It ceased in 2017 due to other projects and the expense of recording and staging concerts. Visit the following sites for further information: Resonaxis Official Website; Resonaxis on FacebookIndidem's YouTube Channel; Digital downloads available on iTunes. CDs available via the online store.

The Choir Lab

The Choir Lab was an experiment to see what would happen when a group of classically trained choristers were put in a recording studio to sing songs in different genres. This collection of songs, written for trained choristers is available for purchase via the online store on this site or via iTunes and Amazon MusicThe Choir Lab is on Facebook. Listen to The Sun and The Blood Moon.


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