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The Choir Lab


The Choir Lab was an experiment to see what would happen when a group of classically trained choristers were put in a recording studio to sing songs in different genres. 

This collection of songs, written for past members of the Choir of St James’, King Street Sydney, is available for purchase via the online store on this site or via iTunes and Amazon Music.


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Listen to The Sun and The Blood Moon.

Choral Music


Messe sans regretz


Ave Maris Stella


Wings of a Dove

(SSAA Org)

God So Loved The World




Praise the Lord


Purchase scores from Crescendo Music Publications.



Resonaxis is the only known rock band with a choral singer and an organist.

It ceased in 2017 due to other projects and the expense of recording and staging concerts.


Visit the following sites for futher information:

Resonaxis Official Website

Resonaxis on Facebook

Resonaxis' YouTube Channel

Digital downloads available on iTunes

CDs available via the online store.



Prior to tertiary study, Brooke studied Piano with Sharlie Pettit and Neta Maughan, Harpsichord with Paul Dyer, and composition with Trevor Pearce, Richard Vella, and Gillian Whitehead. Brooke began composition training at a young age after twice winning the SSO Schools Composers Competition. Around the same time she developed an interest in Early Music, particularly medieval and renaissance vocal music, vocal ensemble tuning, and performance practice.

Brooke completed a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and a Master of Music in Advanced Musical Studies majoring in Historical Musicology at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

In 1996, Brooke joined the Choir of St James’ King Street Sydney, which afforded her the opportunity to write choral music for the liturgy. Her singing teachers have been Jane Edwards, Martin Elliott, and Nancy Long.

Brooke always had an interest in popular music, particularly Scandinavian metal music.  Being exposed to sacred renaissance music at St James’ King Street, and listening to the improvisations of Organist David Drury led Brooke to form the band, Resonaxis.  Resonaxis is perhaps the only band in the world that includes a classical organist, and which plays music written by Brooke that is influenced by Scandinavian metal, renaissance and sacred choral music.

Brooke’s music has led her to be interviewed on a number of ABC Radio National programs (Andrew Olle and The Rhythm Divine), and reviews of her music have appeared in European progressive music magazines and ezines.

Brooke sings with the Choir of St James’ King Street, and has sung with Sydney Antiphony, the Australian Brandenburg Choir, numerous London church choirs, and once stepped in at short notice for cover for an ill singer in the choir of Bach Akademie Australia.  She has provided vocals for Nick Littlemore on a number of projects, appearing on the albums Elton John vs Pnau, and White Shadows. A collaboration with Nick, Evening of the Sky, part of The Two Leaves Project, was released on 22 September 2017. Brooke’s project The Choir Lab, was inspired by working with Nick and by hearing members of the Choir of St James’ ‘muck around’ in the choir room, singing in genres from rock to Broadway. Brooke and Nick are currently working on an unnamed project.



Choral Music

Messe sans regretz was a fourth year Undergraduate student work written for specific singers who were in the Choir of St James’ King Street at that time (Josie Ryan, Elizabeth Dobbin, Natalie Shea, Richard Black, Sebastien Maury, Kynan Johns, David Blunden). It is a modern parody mass on the parody mass by Cristóbal de Morales, Missa Mille Regretz

Messe sans regretz was first performed as part of the liturgy by the Choir of St James’ in 1997.  Its USA Premiere was on 10 January 2015 by Washington DC based vocal ensemble, The District Eight, and its UK premiere was on 2 April 2016 in Westminster Abbey, sung by the Choir of St James' King Street.

The scores of Messe sans regretz are available for purchase through Crescendo Music Publications. The original version is for SSSATBarBB and a new edition by John Dudley is for SSAATTBB. 

Messe sans regretz is available for digital download on iTunes.

Ave Maris Stella and Wings of a Dove were written for The Choir of St James' and the then Director of Music, David Drury.  Legacy was commissioned by MLC School, Sydney, for their 2017 Gala Concert, and was premiered at the Sydney Opera House in May 2017.

God So Loved The World was commissioned by the family of the Rev. JE McDonald for his 80th birthday. Praise the Lord was commissioned by Associate Professor Michael Horsburgh AM for his 80th birthday. 

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